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Schools Where I’ve Taught Poetry (and other Writing),
Online and in Person, Listed Alphabetically

Sites are located within Humboldt County, California,
unless indicated otherwise.


Arcata Elementary School (and formerly Sunset Elementary), Arcata
Arcata Learning Center, Northern United Charter School (and formerly Campus House, Mattole Valley Charter), Arcata
Academy of the Redwoods, Early College High School, Eureka
Alice Birney Elementary School, Eureka
Ambrosini Elementary School, Fortuna
Bloomfield Elementary School, Arcata
Blue Lake School (K-8), Blue Lake
Bridgeville School (K-9), Bridgeville
Casterlin School (K-8), Blocksburg
Castlemaine Steiner School (K-8), Castlemaine, Australia
College of the Redwoods, Eureka
Cuddeback School (K-8), Carlotta
Cutten Learning Center (K-12), Northern United Charter School (and formerly North Coast Learning Academy, Mattole Valley Charter), Eureka
Cutten School (3-6), Cutten
Del Norte High School, Crescent City, Del Norte County
Dow’s Prairie School (K-2; formerly K-5), McKinleyville
Dunes of Discovery, charter school (K-8), Manila
Eagle Prairie Elementary School, Rio Dell
East [Continuation] High School, Fortuna
Eel River Community High School (continuation school), Fortuna
Eureka Community High School, 4th & D (continuation school), Eureka
Eureka Community School, 5th & M (continuation high school), Eureka
Eureka Community School at the Educational Resource Center (continuation), Eureka
Eureka High School, Eureka
Ferndale Elementary School (K-8), Ferndale
Fieldbrook Elementary School (K-8), McKinleyville
Fortuna Junior Academy (K-8), Fortuna
Freshwater Elementary School (K-8), Freshwater
Garfield School (K-6), Freshwater
Green Point School (K-8), Blue Lake
Honeydew Elementary School, Honeydew
Hoopa Valley Elementary School, Hoopa
Hoopa Valley High School, Hoopa
Humboldt Bay Christian School, Bayside
Humboldt Bay [Continuation] High School, Eureka
Humboldt Homeschoolers, Arcata
Humboldt State University, Arcata
Hydesville Elementary School (K-8), Hydesville
Imagine That! Fortuna and Rio Dell Intergenerational/Youth Arts, and Fortuna Library and Fortuna High School Library, Fortuna
Jack Norton Elementary (K-8), Yurok Reservation
Jacoby Creek School (K-8), Bayside
Junction Elementary School (K-8), Somes Bar, Siskiyou County
Kneeland School (K-8), Kneeland
Lafayette Elementary School, Eureka
Laurel Tree Charter School (K-12) (formerly Laurel Tree Learning Center, and Laurel Tree Elementary), Arcata
Lincoln Elementary School, Eureka
Loleta Elementary School (K-8), Loleta
Mad River (aka Tsurai) [Community] High School, McKinleyville
Mary Peacock Elementary School (inc. alternative education), Crescent City, Del Norte County
Mattole School (K-8), Petrolia
Mattole Triple Junction High School, Petrolia
McKinleyville High School, McKinleyville
McKinleyville Middle School, McKinleyville
Miranda Junior High School, Miranda
Montague Elementary School (K-8), Montague, Siskiyou County
Monument Middle School, Rio Dell
Morris Elementary School, McKinleyville
Murphy Elementary School (K-8), Scotia
New Horizons Court School, Eureka
Northcoast Charter High School/Preparatory and Performing Arts Academy, Arcata
Northern Humboldt Community Day High School, Arcata
Orleans Elementary School (K-8), Orleans
Pacific Coast [Continuation] High School, Arcata
Peninsula Union Elementary School (K-8), Samoa
Probation Environmental Preservation Project (continuation school), Eureka
Redway Learning Center (K-12), Northern United Charter School (formerly Mattole Valley Charter), Redway
Redway School (K-7; formerly K-8), Redway
Redwood Coast Writers’ Center, Eureka
Redwood Elementary School, Fort Dick, Del Norte County
Redwood Preparatory Charter School (K-8), Fortuna
Ridgewood Elementary School, Eureka
Skyfish School (K-6), aka Beginnings Learning Center, Northern United Charter School (formerly Mattole Valley Charter), Briceland
St. Bernard’s Catholic School (K-12), Eureka
Sanhedrin [Alternative Vocational] High School, Willits, Mendocino County
Six Rivers Montessori School (1-6), Arcata
Southern Humboldt Homeschool CommUnity, Redway
Sunny Brae Middle School, Arcata
Sunset [Continuation] High School, Crescent City, Del Norte County
Toddy Thomas Elementary School (4-8), Fortuna
Trillium Charter School (K-5), Arcata
Trinidad Elementary School (K-8), Trinidad
University of Phoenix, Teacher Education, Eureka
Vanguard University, Graduate Education Program/Courses for Educators, Eureka
Von Humboldt Court School, Eureka
Washington Elementary School, Eureka
Watsonville Charter School of the Arts (K-8), Watsonville, Santa Cruz County
Whale Gulch Elementary School (K-8), Whitethorn, Mendocino County
Whitethorn School (K-6), Whitethorn
Willow Brook High School Learning Center (and formerly K-12), Mattole Valley Charter School, Fortuna
Winship Middle School, Eureka
Zane Middle School, Eureka
Zoe Barnum [Continuation] High School, Eureka
Plus online teaching, and at outdoor sites such as Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park, and Pamplin Grove, Van Duzen County Park